Buy from a North American Australian Kelpie Registry Breeder


Deerwood Working Kelpies, Laurie Batson, San Miguel, Calif, 805-463-2487,,


Sagebrush Working Kelpies, KJ Stewart, Arnett, Okla, 580-938-1169


Slash 5 Working Kelpies, Frank and Mary Twitchell, Glendo, Wyo, 307-214-2036,

Breeders who register dogs regularly with NAAKR may submit for annual online breeder listings. Annual fee of $35.00. Listings run the calendar year (January through December). Breeders submitting after September 15 for a listing; your listing will be due the following year on December 31. Breeder is responsible for renewing your listing each year. The Registry will not bill you. Click here for breeder listing form

All listings are paid listings and do not in any way reflect endorsement by NAAKR. You may contact the Registry directly to inquire of possbile breeders in your area.