Working Australian Kelpie - The stockdog of choice. Cattle, sheep, goats - all livestock.

The Working Kelpie

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The Working Kelpie

Working Kelpie Color and Description

The Working Kelpie here in North America does come in both the tan markings and solid colors though the with tan markings seem to predominate in the NAAKR, Inc. registered dogs.  Colors, other than black, may vary from light to dark versions of that color.

Minimal white markings such as a spot, stripe or at most a blaze on the chest are preferred. The general appearance of the Working Australian Kelpie is that of a lithe, active dog showing hard muscular condition, conveying the capability of untiring work.  Movement and action shall be smooth and effortless, with a good length of stride.

Size of the working Kelpie in North America is as follows.  Males 20 - 23 inches in height at the withers.  Females 17 - 21 inches in height at the withers.  Weight averages 35 - 45  pounds for males and 26 - 36 pounds for females.  Both sexes have strong but not coarse bone.  Length to height is 10 - 9, from the point of breastbone to buttocks.


(Fawn/tan pup)

The Working Australian Kelpie comes in these colors:

  • Black and tan

  • Red and tan

  • Blue and tan

  • Fawn and tan


  • Black

  • Red

  • Blue

  • Fawn

  • Cream


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